Lothian Street

Builder Appointed - Move In August 2020

Final opportunity to customise bespoke 3-bedroom townhouses by Kennedy Nolan Architects

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Appointed Builder


We are delighted to announce that we have formally appointed Bear Projects as the head-contractor to deliver Lothian Street

Bear Projects is a privately owned construction company with expertise that encompasses a wide range of residential and commercial construction. Most recently, Bear Projects has successfully completed a six-townhouse project in Armadale also designed by Kennedy Nolan Architects.


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Lothian Street


Builder Appointed - Completion Expected August 2020

Last Chance to Customise Layout

Lothian Street is a boutique eight-dwelling development (six townhouses and two apartments) located in North Melbourne.

Designed by local architects Kennedy Nolan and created by developer Excelon Projects, Lothian Street residences are well-considered as well as being generously proportioned.

Majority of our four-level warehouse-inspired homes are equipped with a private lift and a roof-top terrace that offers views across Melbourne’s west.

To add character and to create moments, Kennedy Nolan incorporated numerous bespoke touch-points throughout every dwellings, including collaborations with:


Krause Bricks


Krause Bricks, a third-generation family business has been making bricks in Stawell, in Victoria’s Wimmera region since 1945, will be creating the pressed clay bricks used to build the masonry facade of Lothian Street.


Byzantine Design x Bonnie & Neil

BN Stled VR 2 .jpg

Bespoke tiles with hand-painted patterns are installed at the entry foyer of each dwelling.




Their Cherry pendant light will be installed above the dining area, casting a subtle glow into all the residences at Lothian Street




The Big Kahuna door handle by IN-TERIA will be installed on the main entry door to each dwelling in Lothian Street. These 35-centimetre-diameter door handles are visually beautiful, and their smooth, curved timber will add a handcrafted, tactile element to the point of arrival at the residences